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  Is No One Listening To Your Desires Regarding Your Business? 

If you had to describe yourself would it include words like dynamic, resourceful, determined or ambitious?  Do you often get the feeling that you are different from everyone else around you because you have big dreams or ideas? Does your current situation leave you feeling stiffled, bored and unethusiastic? Then you are in the right place!  

Don't worry, you aren't alone! You have been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug!  You have now been transformed into a new breed of human that few can understand!  We are here to help you achieve those big dreams and bring your go-getter mindset, great ideas and leadership to the world! 

 Are You Ready To Make An Impact But Maybe You … 
  • Are searching for support from family and current friends and not getting it
  • Would like to find others that can relate to your goals and understand them
  • Aren't clear on who to market your products to so you can make more sales
  • Have no clue how to present your products to the market
  • Lack the education and tools you need to be successful

If you are still reading this, you are the type of person that has been searching far too long for answers.  You want to make an impact on the world with your products and services but you lack a clear concise plan to do so. You already know that you want to do something that really matters.  You want to create a business that has your own unique stamp on it even if you are selling a product that others already sell.  You are fearful to take the next step because you don't want to screw up but you are really ready to tell your current boss GOODBYE!!

Oh my, I can tell you that I have soooo been in your shoes.....

Welcome! My name is Wendy and I am your Sales & Marketing Trainer 

Born and raised in North Carolina, my early story was a road of ups and downs.  Due to circumstances in my early childhood I became a troubled teen and a teenage mom!  Even as a teenager I knew I wanted more than the conventional life my mother and grandparents expected from me so I rebelled.  Once I became a MOM, I knew that I had to provide for my child and I would have to work very hard to do it.  So I stepped into the role of "worker" to provide for my family.  Deep down I was just not satisfied and I knew there had to more to life than this!

From Failure Came Success, or Did It? 

I got my GED, quickly went to college and began my career as a Medical Secretary in a local School of Medicine.  This is where I really started to learn about the material things I was missing out on! I saw the money, the cars, the clothes and the education that everyone seem to have except for me.  

I was doing a monotonous job that was going no where.  I knew this was not the future I wanted.  I just couldn't see myself scraping by the rest of my life.  I made a plan to go back to school for Occupational Therapy. After about a year of working 3 jobs and going to night school, I was accepted into the program and graduated!  Life started looking up, I met my current husband Aaron and we had 2 more beautiful daughters.  I loved my job and worked as a Therapist for 15 years.  I also held several Rehab Manager positions during the course of that time but one day it was all over in an instant! I got sick was admitted to ICU and things would never be the same again. 

Because of my illness, I lost my OT career that had become my identity,  my heart and my soul!  I was actually one of those freaky people that loved their job, so it broke me to lose it. During my time as an OT, I realized many things about myself.  I learned that life was not about money, it was about giving to others expecting nothing in return.  Life was about learning and always striving to be a better person.  Mostly, I learned life was about LIVING because it's so very short.  You see, I worked in Geriatrics and what you can learn from your elders will open your eyes wide if you take the time to listen! 

 Life had to change but I didn't have a plan or a clue how…

While I was healing, I fell back on my love for learning.  I grabbed my laptop and decided I was going to teach myself to build websites.  I had no money to invest, could not physically go to classes but still I was determined.  I found hours and hours of content online and then eventually friends that would teach me as well.  I actually got the website building business off the ground but it was not my passion. It was fun to learn, I liked working with my cilents but I still needed more.  I wanted to do something that I could truly be passionate about like when I was an OT.  I wanted to help people again and in a BIG way!  I needed a regular income but I REALLY wanted was to be HAPPY!! This is when a friend introduced me to Network and Affiliate Marketing. 

This is when I finally found my Passion!  

The idea of building residual income online lit a once dimmed fire in me!  I decided to invest in myself and I got connected with the best marketers in the business and got them to coach me! I made the commitment that if I got in this, I was going all the way to the top! 

I took the money I was earning from building websites and reinvested into coaching and joined a couple of different Network Marketing companies.  Of course, as most newbies do, I bombed with my first couple of companies and thought it was the company, the upline and the products that weren't working.

What I didn't realize was that the problem was me. I was getting stuck in learning mode, I didn't really follow the plan my coach had laid out for me, and I was not recruiting enough because I was SCARED! I didn't feel good enough, I didn't think people would like me or want my products and it was showing up in all of my work.  I knew I had found my passion but I just needed the roadmap to make it all work! It was time for a new plan!

To The Victor Comes The Spoils!! 

Once I realized where I was going wrong, I reached out to some of the top leaders in the industry and I got into an online marketing community that was recommended to me.  It was in this community that  learned to put all the information I had together in the right order then everything changed. I finally knew what to do and how to make all the pieces of the puzzle work.  This is where my coaching program actually got started.  I wanted to provide online entreprenuers a place to get the information and skills that they needed without having to spend years hunting and pecking around the internet to do it.  When I first got started, I thought I was saving money teachng myself but what I didn't realize is that I was wasting time that I could have been making more money.  Had I gotten into coaching programs in the beginning, I would have been years ahead of the game much sooner. 

Fast forward to today, I have trained with some of the top leaders in the industry to enable myself to bring my clients a top notch marketing education. Cash Life Mastery provides free online marketing education each week by live stream on Facebook, I am the Lead Trainer for a teaching series with one of the Top Educational Marketing Platforms in the world, I coach clients from all levels of skills in group and private coaching, and I create self-paced products such as Cash Life Mastery Academy and Blogging courses.  

My husband and I currently have several network marketing teams that we work with and we enjoy traveling around the world learning and meeting our team mates and coaching clients.  

After reading my story, I hope you know that no matter what your circumstances are, they can be overcome with hard work and determination.  I would have never dreamed I could live the life of freedom and work online from anywhere in the world and still make money!  If you have the strong desire to create a residual income, you have great work ethic, you want to learn and are coachable then we encorage you to join the Cash Life Mastery Family today!

What are you waiting for?  Don't you deserve a better life right now?

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