Finding Purpose In Life and Business: Your Voice Matters

In this episode, Wendy Fore and Jeff Eskow interview Robert Hollis.  We discuss that Finding Purpose in Life and Business can improve your overall outlook. Robert Hollis has been an entrepreneur for 28 years, is a top earner and multi-millionaire! Robert has helped over 46 people make over a million dollars per year!  He is also the author of "How is That Working" and the founder of Life Mechanics!  

Finding Purpose in Life and Business: Can Creating a Following Give Me Purpose?

When living "on purpose" either in your personal or business life you must be focused in on the needs of others.  It helps you grow as a person and as business leader. If you think about it, by providing value to your followers you are also finding purpose in life and business. This is because you are creating lasting connections.

As a matter of fact, have heard that you must have the "Know, Like and Trust" factor of your following to grow your business?  For this reason, it is important that you grow your following but you must know how to nurture them as well.  Frankly, if you don't nurture them you will lose them.  But when you are giving with your time and free content, your followers will follow you to the ends of the earth to get more!  Also, it is very important that you are consistent in this process and show up regularly.  As a result, people will be attracted to what you are doing and join you in your business. Ultimately, building your lead list for your business is crucial in today's market.  If you want to find out more on list building click here now!

Creating a Purposeful “Why” for Your Business…

When finding purpose in life and business there are so many factors to consider. It's just enough to make your head spin!  It really requires some deep soul searching! To help us all clarify how to dive deep into this subject, we asked Robert a few questions.

First, Robert was asked "What advice can you give to someone finding purpose in life and business to help them find their "WHY"?  In fact, Robert tells us that when he mentors someone he really digs deep to help them figure out what they "WANT".  To clarify, he states that most people have no clue what they really want in life.  With that said, it makes it hard for them to find their "why" to do anything much less grow a business.

Secondly, Robert states how belief in yourself is important but if you don't know what you want in life/business there is no need for belief!  He said "Once you find out what you want in life/business and you want it really bad, then its easy to find thought leaders and mentors to help you get out there and get it"!

Your “Purpose” and “Why” May Shift …

Surprisingly, Robert talks about how he did a video admitting he was wrong!  Wow, imagine teaching a certain business model and then you learn that you were wrong! We must all be prepared to make the realization that when finding purpose in life and business we may need to shift our model to evolve and grow.  Consequently, Robert talks about how he changed his thinking about "Blogging" because he realized it was a way to leverage making passive income. 

As a matter of fact, I could not agree more!  Blogging is of course a long term strategy but once you get started you are leveraging income daily!  If you want to learn more about blogging and how to get started, I recommend you click here now...

Your Voice Matters…

When finding purpose in life and business you must first realize that your voice does matter.  We all have something to say that would help someone else.  No matter how big or small you can have an impact on the world! 

Of course, there is a reason some people are successful and some aren't.  It depends on how you show up tell your story to the world.  It is also just as important to share the stories of others too.  Actually, sharing someone else's story will add value to your life and business by helping you and your followers grow.  You can and should leverage the voice of thought leaders! I always say "sharing is caring" and it's true!

In addition, we address how your voice will need to come from a place of posture when you are finding purpose in life and business.  For example, have you noticed that your family and friends do not understand your path?  Explaining your journey to family/friends is really a waste of time because they just don't "get it" and never will. You have to take a firm stance on your beliefs and follow your own path at this point.  

Regrettably, it is sometimes easier to tell family/friends that you have a "Genetic Mutation" rather than explain why you want to be an online marketer!  It is easier sometimes to avoid the explanations and just tell family/friends we do something silly! Listen to the video to find out what Robert tells people when they ask what he does for a living....too funny!!

If you got value from today's training, we appreciate you sharing with your friends! Please leave any comments or questions for us as we check back often!  

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