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Create A Massive Recruiting Surge

Discover How This Stay At Home Mom Personally Sponsored 278 People To Create A Team Of Over 8,300 Reps With Social Media In Just One Hour A Day...And How You Can Too!

You will learn the exact same process she used to start from scratch...and build a powerful team of 8,300 reps in less than 4 years...using nothing but Facebook.

Here is a little glimpse into what you're going to discover...

  • The absolute BEST WAY to connect with people on Facebook without being salesy or spammy.  There is no need to beg (as many network marketers do)...when you become a PRO at creating working business relationships.
  • The one thing you should NEVER do when prospecting on social media. Lots of network marketers trip over this...which is making them look desperate, incompetent and outright annoying. 
  • A FREE TOOL anyone can use to immediately gain credibility...You'll quickly bring down the shield and break through any resistance in a cold market.
  • The RIGHT WAY to passively and actively prospect on Social Media...and why you need to do both to get MAX number of people into your profile.
Social Media Recruiter

Create A Never Ending Flow Of High Quality Prospects Who Are Ready And Eager To Join Your Business

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  • Facebook post creation secrets.  9 powerful ways to create a super engaging post and rally people around you.  What you say matters greatly in WHO you attract, and whether they'll want to follow you or ignore your message completely.
  • How to attract your IDEAL prospect. 6 posting tips that will ensure you get the attention of the RIGHT well as the one type of message you NEVER EVER want to post on Facebook.
  • 5 magic words you can use to kick off any post that will make you sound credible, believable and INSTANTLY engage your readers in a conversation....leaving them hungry for more information.
  • Stop wasting your precious time with tire-kickers! Do you often get things like - "just send me some information"... and then never hear back from them? Here's how to quickly turn the tables and make THEM do the selling instead.  (There are 7 key things you MUST know about your prospect beforeyou send them anything about your business or company...or even mention the word opportunity.)
  • Ever wonder when is the right time to invite people to a company presentation? Most network marketers do this WRONG by sending them at the worst time...and blow their chances of ever recruiting that person.
  •'ll find out how to best deal with prospects who are "too busy" to take a look at your business.  You'll quickly get them to commit to a time without all the follow up drama.
  • Hate the idea of cold prospecting? Here's a proven method for turning ice cold strangers into Highly Motivated Prospects Who Reach Out To You!
  • And much more....get it today, this crazy discount won't last forever!

LinkedIn Recruiting Playbook


LinkedIn Sponsoring Secrets That Create A Recruiting Explosion

In this brand new, never seen before, in-depth training…

You’ll get your hands on Gloria’s step-by-step system for using LinkedIn to EXPLODE your network marketing business…

EVEN IF… you have ZERO experience online… never used social media… or don’t even have a LinkedIn account!

Here’s a little taste of what you’re going to discover…

  • A simple 5-Step process ANYONE can use to get the HIGHEST QUALITY prospects...and quickly turn them into customers and team members. 
  • A sure-fire method to rapidly build rapport and develop UNSHAKABLE TRUST with your audience.
  • How to create a KILLER LinkedIn profile! With a few clicks… you’ll turn a dull and dry looking profile into a NON-STOP sales and recruiting machine… WITHOUT being salesy or spammy whatsoever.
  • The #1 mistake network marketers make on LinkedIn… sending their prospects running for the hills… and what you should do instead.
  • The BEST way to become a TRUSTED authority… EVEN IF you’re brand spankin’ new.
  • A really juicy secret you can use to display your products and offers… and easily advertise your business opportunity for FREE. Hardly anyone knows about this little loophole. 

Discover A Powerful NEW Way To Attract The PERFECT Prospects & Recruit The "Cream Of The Crop" By Leveraging The #1 Social Network For Entrepreneurs

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  • Why you should NEVER EVER put “Network Marketing Professional” in your profile… and a small tweak you can use to cement a much STRONGER positioning in the mind of your potential prospects.
  • A little-known but highly effective “trick” to virtually FORCE LinkedIn to showcase and promote your business without spending a dime.

And we’ve only scratched the surface.

Gloria will also show you…

  • How to tap into a MASSIVE pool of highly targeted prospects (in ANY niche)… and gain near instant influence and credibility.
  • The absolute WORST thing you can do if you want to be taken seriously… and why this common mistake is the “KISS of DEATH” on LinkedIn.
  • Why innocently commenting on other people posts at the “wrong” time can cause some serious (and possibly irreparable) damage… and how to do it STRATEGICALLY… without sabotaging your business.
  • A short laundry list of things you MUST do from the get-go to maximize your exposure and extend your reach… and the ONE thing you have to STAY AWAY from to AVOID scaring your prospects.
  • How to get the people who WANT what you’re offering to easily find you… and REACH OUT to you. You’ll sell and sponsor a whole lot MORE PEOPLE… and build your team MUCH FASTER!
  • 6 ways to compel new prospects to quickly give you their email… and EAGERLY get on your list.
  • A simple “posting for profits” formula… you’ll know exactly WHAT to post… HOW OFTEN… and WHEN… to create a HUGE explosion of sales and sign-ups in your business.
  • PLUS… to add some icing on the cake, Gloria is going to hand you the SECRET WORKHORSE driving this prospecting and recruiting engine…  25 M-N-P Strategy…

… a simple 3-step daily game plan you can use to get dead serious prospects to reach out to you… and create a MASSIVE BOOST in your business.

Oh and by the way, did I mention…

This Entire System Is FREE To Implement

You don’t need to reach in your wallet to pay for advertising.

You don’t need to buy a single tool.

And you don’t even need a premium LinkedIn account, the free basic one will work just fine.

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